Health Spas

Hippocrates, the father of medicine was the first to say that “ nature cures illness”. Nature for sure has been very kind to Hungary. You will find here one of the world’s most abundant supplies of thermal and medicinal waters. The spa culture has a history of 2000 years in Hungary going back to the Roman era.

There are over 1300 known thermal springs with almost 300 used for bathing.

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Set in a green, forested valley approx 5 miles from Lake Balaton is the world’s largest, natural, thermal lake – Lake Heviz. Warmed by the heat of the earth’s interior, it is even possible to bathe in the lake in winter. In summer the water temperature reaches over 35 deg C.

All across Hungary experienced doctors and well qualified staff are on hand to care for visitors at the medicinal baths, sanatoriums, health spas and wellness hotels which have been built around these waters. The treatments are custom-tailored and a special treatment package is put together based on a preliminary consultation to establish a person’s physical condition. The possible variations of treatment are virtually unlimited.

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Without doubt visitors should try and visit a health spa – the thermal springs are unique and have a wonderful impact on the whole body, and in particular locomotive disorders – arthritis and rheumatism especially. Many f the larger hotels offer sport and fitness as well as anti-aging and beauty programmes – much beyond traditional therapies and massage

The water contains calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, sulphur and chloride which provides natural cures for mobility disorders, arthritis, rheumatism and skin complaints such as eczema.


The full list of treatment on offer includes:-


Diagnostics                           Rehabilitation programmes             Anti aging

De stress treatments            Physiotherapy                                    Electrotherapy

Saunas                                   Baineotherapy                                   Hydrotherapy

Massage                                Mud Packing                                     Wrap Phototherapy

Inhalation                                Magnetic Field Therapy                   Dietician advice

Parafongo                              Hot Springs                                        Cardio centre

Neurology & Spine clinic      Laser eye centre                               Dental clinic

Thai massage                       Pedicure                                            Hypoxi training

Jacuzzi                                   Spine therapy                                    Osteoporosis programme

Mud pools                              Therapeutic exercising                     Steam

Aroma Cabinets                    Kneipp tread basin therapy             Solarium

Masssage shower                Underwater body massage             Geyser & waterfalls



Please contact us so we can best advise you further regarding where to receive particular  treatments