Lake Balaton is approx 50 miles south west of Budapest and the M7 motorway connects Budapest with Lake Balaton.

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe at 229 sq miles – Lake Balaton is known as the Hungarian Sea and has numerous holiday resorts along it’s 147 mile shoreline making it ideal for families in the summer months. The lake is almost 50 miles long and 8 miles across at it’s widest point. There is a fast rail service to the south shore of the lake.

The northern side of the lake is more hilly than the southern shore. The lake is not as deep on the southern shore with safer bathing for small children. The views from the southern shore looking towards the hillier north are arguably better.

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The holiday season is relatively short but all activities will be open June to September.
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Main towns and places of interest around the Lake Balaton area

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